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Online safety tips

These days kids are now just as likely to spend time on the internet as the beach. Why is it so important to them? Watch this video to hear teens talk about how they use social media and what they think about cyberbullying. With many kids about to spend more time online these holidays, Click- a technology guide for parents looks at the latest research and advice for parents about cyberbullying and how to keep kids safe online. Printable facts sheets - Holiday tips for parents, teens and younger children What to do about cyberbullying The key... Read more

Schools Spectacular highlights

A dazzling line-up of singing, dancing and musical talent was on display at the 2009 Schools Spectacular. This year's event, called Reaching Out, showcased the skills of performers from hundreds of public schools across NSW. Three thousand students, aged from five to 19, participated in the Spectacular, which featured a 1,000-voice choir, an 80-piece symphony orchestra, 1,800 dancers and 50 soloists. The dedication of the choreographers, costumiers and production crew was enormous. So was the encouragement and mentoring of the teachers, and... Read more

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State Finals of Debating

Congratulations to Year 5 and 6 students Erin Moss, Samantha Kirkwood, Darcy Howard and Riley Papas for their magnificent efforts at the recent Premier's Debating Challenge State Championships. The team travelled to Stanwell Tops Conference Centre (1 hour south of Sydney) on the 8th November to compete in a four day series of round robin and final debates against the top ten regional debating teams in the state. The Premier's Debating Challenge is the largest debating contest in the Southern Hemisphere, so to be involved in the state level of... Read more

Schools tackle cyberbullying

Students from across the state shared their views on cyberbullying at a recent community forum in Sydney. The one-day event also brought educators, academics, social media experts, parents and community members together to hear current research findings and to explore strategies to address cyberbullying. Students from 23 NSW public schools were present at the forum, with another 19 regional schools - including parents and community members - participating via videoconference. One in ten children affected Keynote speaker and director of Edith... Read more

Staying on at school

A new age dawns in school education next year when the leaving age changes so that all students in NSW complete Year 10. Public schools are now preparing for the extra students, teachers, classrooms and computers that will flow from what the Premier, Nathan Rees, has described as one of the most fundamental changes in education in 60 years. "By increasing the school leaving age [from 15 to 17 years] we are creating a flexible, skilled and educated workforce," he said. Australian and international research shows that teenagers who leave school... Read more

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North Coast Parents' Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the office of Peter Haigh, North Coast Regional Director for the Department of Education and Training, is available here. PDF N C Parents' Newsletter T4 2009 (PDF 863Kb)... Read more

More Debating Success

Our debating team added to their already outstanding year by winning the Taree School Education Area Debating Competition, with a win in the final on the penultimate day of last term. Travelling to Tuncurry Public School, the team of Samantha Kirkwood, Erin Moss, Darcy Howard and Jordan Potts once again claimed victory in a debate on the topic "Sport Encourages Bad Behaviour" against Hallidays Point Public School. To say that our debaters had exceeded all expectations would be a large understatement. Once again, congratulations to the team... Read more

Regional Debating Champions

Congratulations to our fabulous debating team, which this week won the final of the North Coast Region section of the NSW Premier's Debating Challenge. This is an outstanding achievement for any school and we are all immensely proud of our team, which consists of students Samantha Kirkwood, Erin Moss, Darcy Howard and Riley Papas. The regional final debate was held at our school on Monday 28th September with the Laurieton team coming up against Grafton South Public School, a very large school which includes an Opportunity Class. After... Read more

Regional Maths Olympiad Finals

Well done also to our Mathematics Olympiad team, which yesterday competed at Opal Cove in Coffs Harbour against the best teams from the region. While our team did not win the regional title, they did present themselves very competitively and were well in the running throughout the day. The team chose the environmental threat to panda bears as their topic, which was to be based on endangered species. A variety of maths related tasks were assigned in relation to this theme. Mr Sherrard, who accompanied the children throughout this day of... Read more

Eisteddfod Success

Congratulations to all the students from Laurieton Public School who were involved in the choral presentation section of the Port Macquarie Speech and Drama Eisteddfod on 23rd September. The children greatly enjoyed being one of the first school groups to perform in the Port Macquarie Glasshouse. The entire school was involved in the poetry groups, performing in Stage One, Two or Three. All children had been practising hard for some weeks and it was no surprise that the quality of the on-stage performances was outstanding. Stage One from... Read more

Researching online

You can't always trust what you read on the web, so how can you tell a good homework site? As a parent you will have the opportunity to get involved in your child's homework and assignments which will sometimes mean helping track down good information online. Sorting fact from fiction With so much information on the web kids need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country-specific commercially-motivated information. Start with My Library My Library is a NSW public schools' tool... Read more

School Spectacular 2009

For NSW public schools the Schools Spectacular is the greatest show on earth. A Year 2 boy is riding his bike on a Sunday afternoon when he sees his neighbour and school dance teacher, Karlie Chalker. "What time do we go to Koori dance on Monday? Do I wake up at 2:00?" he yells. The young boy tells Ms Chalker he has been practising all night for the audition of the biggest night of his life - the Schools Spectacular. His troupe, the Darlington Public Koori Dancers in Years 2 to 6, hopes to become part of the show's Aboriginal dance ensemble.... Read more

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Debating team in Two Finals

Our debating team was again successful on 15th September at Wingham Public School in a semi-final of the North Coast debating competition. They will now contest the final of that competition in Week 10 of this term. Congratulations to the team and Miss Zappia, whose run of debating victories has far exceeded all expectations. These children have learnt and improved so much throughout the year and will no doubt take these skills with them for life, no matter what the future results might be. They will also be debating on Monday 28th... Read more

Mathematics Olympiad Success

Laurieton Public School provided the winning team in the recent North Coast Mathematics Olympiad heats for the Hastings and Mid North Coast section of the competition, held at Kempsey on 3rd September. The Laurieton team came out on top of a group of 8 primary school entries, which included much larger schools such as Tacking Point, Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Kempsey East Public Schools. The team is shown here, holding the scientific calculators they won for the school. We are very proud of our two teams, who worked brilliantly over... Read more

Computer skills for parents

Has your child left you behind in the technology stakes? Update your computer skills easily online now with video tutorials and classes, many of which are free. Video tutorials, vodcasts and webcasts (different people call them different things) are the easiest way to learn about technology because you can watch example tasks being performed onscreen while you listen to the explanation. You'll find video instructions on the eHow website for everything from how to use iTunes or how to set up a WiFi hotspot at home, to how to make a website. The... Read more

Further Debating Success

The Laurieton Public School debating team has won their way through to the regional finals of the NSW Premier's Debating Challenge. They achieved this with a strong win over Macksville Public School's team at Laurieton on 9th September. This follows qualifying wins over many local schools in previous rounds. The Laurieton team consists of Samantha Kirkwood (1st speaker), Erin Moss (2nd speaker), Darcy Howard (3rd speaker) and team advisor Riley Papas. David Jackson acted as the chairperson for the most recent debate. Leading up to the... Read more

Australia My Country Competition

Congratulations to all of the children listed below who won prizes in the Australia My Country competition. Special mention goes to Jeb Collins-Widders, whose work titled "Australia My Country" was nominated by the local sub-branch for sending on to the state finals in Sydney. Jeb's work was awarded with a Certificate of Merit by the state level judges, which is a very high level of achievement within this very large competition. Section 2 1. Erin Mo ss "A Brand New Forest " 2. Beau Lloyd "Kokoda Track " 3... Read more

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Go green from home to school

Did you know that most of the waste in schools is sent there in children's lunch boxes? It is estimated that each child produces approximately 30 kilograms of waste per year just from their school lunch. That would be more than some kids weigh! Imagine this amount multiplied by the number of children at school. It doesn't have to be that way when you consider that a no waste or low waste lunch is easy and is a healthier and cheaper option than buying pre-packaged foods. A no waste lunch includes: paper wrap, brown paper recycled bags but no... Read more

Book Character Parade

Well done to all the children who dressed up as book characters for today's parade. This was an exciting event for all our children! It was interesting to see the diverse range of characters that have captured children's imagination. Thank you to all those parents who supported their children and made this so much fun. It all helps to support the natural love of learning that all our children possess! Thank you to Ms Douglas for organising the parade and the colouring and diorama competitions.... Read more

Debating Team Wins Zone!

Our debating team, in only their second year of competition, has performed brilliantly yet again! The team was involved in four debates last week, one on Tuesday and three on Thursday and they won all four! These debates were against large primary schools, namely Hastings and Tacking Point Public schools. These schools have been involved in debating for some time and have many children to draw on for their teams, so the achievement of our team in performing so well against them cannot be overstated. This means that our team has been... Read more

Digital games for learning

If your child has become surgically attached to their Nintendo DS or iPod - there's a very clever way you can turn all that concentration and thumb-exercise to good use. The educational value of digital games can be phenomenal. They can help students' imaginations soar and set challenges which engage all kinds of problem solving skills. Computer, mobile phone, Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo games - they can all be used to promote your child's learning. If they already love playing them, you're halfway there. When used properly, video... Read more

Athletics Carnival Results

Athletics Report 2009 Congratulations to Stingrays, athletics champion house for 2009. In another close tussle, Stingrays managed to win, despite excellent efforts from their Dolphins opponents. The final score was: Stingrays 1,124 points Dolphins 1,087 points Athletics Champions Congratulations to the champions listed below. Each of these children will receive a trophy at our end of term whole school assembly. Minor Boy Tieler Gardner (D) Minor Girl Brennah Aumua (S) Junior Boy Max... Read more

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Athletics Carnival on Wednesday

We have booked the athletics oval for this Wednesday 29th July for our whole school K-6 athletics carnival. Hopefully the weather will remain dry so we can finally have our fun day in the sun. Parents are warmly invited to come along to the carnival which we hope to have started by about 9:40 a.m.... Read more

Why school is cool

New research by the education department has confirmed just how important consistent school attendance is to a student's academic achievement. The study showed that schools with high attendance records ranked highly in student performance, irrespective of the school's socioeconomic (SES) status. Dave Wasson, director of the department's educational measurement and school accountability directorate, said it was the first time that SES status had been measured against academic performance and attendance data. "What is particularly significant... Read more

School holiday travel ideas

What can you buy for a dollar these days? Believe it or not you can take your child on a trip to Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and many more places in the school holidays for as little as a dollar. CountryLink lists all sorts of vacation ideas and great travel deals for families on its website. If you are in Sydney or travelling to Sydney, make use of the Family Fare deal when seeing Sydney by public transport. When at least one fare paying adult travels with their children or grandchildren, the first child travels for a child... Read more

Athletics Postponed Again

Today's athletic carnival (8th July) has been postponed because of today's weather forecast. Overnight rain has made the field wet on the surface and today's weather forecast, combined with current radar images, led to a decision to postpone oour athletics carnival yet again. While this is inconvenient for all concerned, this decision has been made in the interests of the safety and welfare of our students. There is not adequate cover at the athletics field in the event of rain, so we have decided not to risk having 200 cold and wet children... Read more

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Athletics Postponed Second Time

Our planned athletics qualifying carnival has had to be postponed again, because of the wet weather. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday 1st July, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If the athletics field is still unsuitable on 1st July, our next option would be Friday 3rd July. At this stage, the most likely date for the full day K-6 athletics carnival is Wednesday 8th July, but that will, of course, depend on the weather. We will continue to keep you informed through notes and the school website.... Read more

Public Speaking Excellence

Congratulations to Erin Moss on her excellent performance in the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition. Erin performed her speech, which examined what it means to be Australian, at Port Macquarie Public School on Thursday 18th June. This is the second year that Erin has entered this competition. No doubt this extra experience has assisted Erin to reach such a very high standard with her public speaking. Well done Erin!... Read more

Tax time tips

Tax time is here again – time to get some tips and tools for managing your finances. As any financial counsellor will tell you, managing money is easy - it simply means not spending more than you earn. The problem is that very few of us actually ever do this. With a little bit of knowledge from the experts, a commitment to a budget and making the most of loose change, you'd be amazed at what a difference a few simple adjustments can make. The main thing is to try to avoid the common mistakes families make. According to Delia Rickard, ACT... Read more

Fabulous Dance Festival

Laurieton Public School students performed brilliantly at the Southern Networks Dance Festival held at Melville High School, Kempsey on Thursday 18th June. Both the jazz and contemporary groups impressed the audience with their skilful execution of the very creative and complex dance routines. The Dance Festival ran for two nights on 17th and 18th June, with primary and high school items from many schools from Macksville in the North to Laurieton Public School, Herons Creek Public School and Camden Haven High School in the south. The... Read more

Websites wow the public

The new School Website Service is attracting phenomenal interest from the public and school communities, with more than half a million page views in the first three weeks of operation. The website you're reading now is part of a new online community in NSW public schools – 200 schools have gone live with freshly built websites, with another 400 planning to launch soon. Boggabilla Central School on the Queensland border was the first school to build and launch its website, pronouncing its new look as "unreal". Principal Denise Burke said the... Read more

Athletics Postponed

Our planned athletics qualifying carnival for this Friday will not go ahead as planned, because of the wet weather. It has been rescheduled for next Wednesday 24th June, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please note that the school canteen will still be closed this Friday, as previously advised, even though the athletics has been postponed. David Willard Principal... Read more

Great Effort in Soccer

Congratulations to both our girls' and boys' soccer teams on their fine efforts against North Haven Public School on Monday. Mr Sherrard filled in as coach in Mr Kightley's absence and he reported that our children tried very hard and displayed very good sportsmanship throughout these games. The girls lost their match 4-0, while the boys reversed the result with a 4-0 victory. The boys will progress to the next round of the state knockout competition.... Read more

Dad’s the word

Dads that help out at school know how good it feels when they see their child's proud face and the rewards that come from their involvement. Research consistently shows that the more a father is involved and supports his kids at school, the better the academic and social success for both boys and girls. Research also suggests parental involvement fosters stronger family bonds and encourages resilience in children – that ability to ‘bounce back' from life's setbacks – and the benefits are limitless. What can you do at school? Ask the boss for... Read more

More Debating Success

On Tuesday 10th June, our Year 5 and 6 Debating Team participated in their third debate of the year against Old Bar Public School. The team consisted of Samantha Kirkwood (1st speaker), Erin Moss (2nd speaker), Darcy Howard (3rd speaker) and Lachlan Price (Team advisor). Riley Papas acted as the chairperson and David Jackson as time keeper while Lindsay Kaul, Jordan Potts and Nash Lawrence welcomed the visiting guests. The topic for the debate was, "Australia is NOT the lucky country". LPS was the affirmative team and agreed with the topic.... Read more

Cross Country Success

Congratulations to all our school cross country representatives on their excellent performances last week. In very adverse conditions, they all showed their determination and ability as they took on the course and their opponents in an enthusiastic manner. We are very proud of each student who competed on the day. We heartily congratulate Tahnia Buchanan, who came first in the 12/13 years girls' race. She ran an impressive race throughout, but really came home fast to win by a wide margin. Grant Gardner also impressed with an... Read more

LNC PSSA Boys Hockey

On Friday 5th June, the Lower North Coast Boys Hockey team travelled to Grafton to play other teams from the North Coast. The teams were Far North Coast, Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast and Lower North Coast. The boys were also playing to be considered for selection in the North Coast PSSA team to play at the state carnival in Sydney later this term. The boys from the Lower North Coast team were as follows: Laurieton PS - Jake McKinley, Blayne Lambert Bignell, Jye Hinder, Jarmyn Hudson, Riley Papas, Blake Kennedy, Damon Alaban, Nash Lawrence,... Read more

Swine Flu Update

The following information comes from Michael Coutts-Trotter, the Director-General of the NSW Dept of Education and Training. It has implications for any parents or students who may be travelling to Victoria or overseas. The actions to contain the spread of the Human Swine Flu Virus in NSW, including targeted exclusion from school, have been effective to date. According to NSW Health there are 70 confirmed cases of human influenza in NSW, and still no confirmed cases of community transmission. This is not the case in Victoria.... Read more

Speech & Language Difficulties

By school age most children will be understood by adults, so the focus at school is on language development and communicating with others. Language difficulties are harder to identify than speech difficulties. For this reason, sometimes a language difficulty is not picked up until the child is identified as having difficulties developing their literacy skills. Importantly, language and literacy are related; a child with a language difficulty has an increased risk of developing literacy difficulties. A child with a language difficulty might... Read more

Flu season

Winter is here and that means flu season. The flu is more than a bad cold; cold symptoms last one to two days, while the flu can last up to a week. A cold can sometimes cause a mild fever, while the flu causes a high fever. Muscular pains and shivering attacks occur with the flu, while not with a cold. A cold causes a runny nose, while the flu starts with a dry sensation in the nose and throat. Flu is the kind of infection that happens to most people every five to ten years. Flu symptoms develop one to three days after infection and include... Read more

Save power at home

Ever wondered how much carbon pollution your household really emits? A new community awareness campaign called ‘what can you do in your world' could have some surprising answers. The Save Power website explains carbon pollution through the use of simple black balloons - one balloon equals around 50 grams of carbon pollution. The average NSW household produces around 8 tonnes of carbon pollution and 160,000 black balloons every year. Compare your carbon output with other Australia households and find examples of easy changes that save carbon... Read more

Photos this Wednesday

Please remember that this Wednesday 3rd June is school photo day for all of our students. Please make sure that they all have their best clean and fresh uniform on for this special day. Class photos are most effective if all children wear the same colours, so please avoid having your child in a tunic for this photo. Children should wear their red shirt and black shorts for the group photos. Some parents like their children's individual photo in the tunic, so children are welcome to bring that along to change into it after their class... Read more

Cross Country Postponed AGAIN!

Zone Cross Country trials have been postponed AGAIN until this Thursday 4th June. Time arrangements remain the same as for the original trials date, but the venue has been changed to Warwick Park Racecourse, Kempsey. This means that the boys' and girls' soccer matches against North Haven, planned for this Thursday, will also have to be rescheduled.... Read more

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CHAFFS Concert a Success

We are really very proud of the wonderful performances on display last night at the 4th annual Camden Haven Arts Festival for Schools concert at Camden Haven High School. It was thoroughly enjoyable to see and hear the wonderful talent available from schools within this Camden Haven Community of Schools. Both Mr Noel McManus, School Education Director for the Manning Camden Haven area and Mrs Margaret Hutchinson, relieving principal of Camden Haven High School, expressed delight at the level of talent moving through the primary schools... Read more

Eisteddfod Success for LPS

Laurieton Public School students braved the wind and rain to travel to the Taree Speech and Drama Eisteddfod on Thursday 21st May. Almost the whole school performed in their Stage 1, 2 and 3 groups. The Stage 1 students received 2nd placing in their section and they were praised for their ability to remember so well and to express their poems so clearly. They did a fabulous job of reciting the two poems in unison, especially for a group of 70 very young children. Stage 2 also came 2nd, after entertaining the audience wonderfully with... Read more

Eisteddfod Bus Times Change

DOC Eisteddfod Info and Permission (DOC 31Kb) It has been necessary to change the planned leaving times for our children who are competing in the Taree Speech and Drama Eisteddfod this Thursday 21st May. Buses will leave the school as follows: Stage One (K, Yr 1, Yr 2) 8:45 a.m. Stage Two and Three (Yr 3 -6) 9:00 a.m. As we expect to be performing at about 10:00 a.m., we are concerned that we may be late if there should be a delay associated with the current road works between here and Taree. Some time is needed to organise our... Read more

Hockey Postponed

This Friday's North Coast PSSA boys' hockey trials have been postponed until Friday 5th June because of the current bad weather. Let's hope the weather improves before then!... Read more

Debating Win for Laurieton Team

North Coast Debating Competition On Friday 15th May, our Year 5 and 6 Debating Team participated in their second debate of the year against Mitchell's Island Public School. The team consisted of Samantha Kirkwood (1st speaker), Erin Moss (2nd speaker), Darcy Howard (3rd speaker) and Jordan Potts (Team advisor). Lindsay Kaul acted as the chairperson and Riley Papas as time keeper while David Jackson and Nash Lawrence welcomed the visiting guests. The topic for the debate was, "Living in the country is better than living in the city". LPS... Read more

Zone Soccer Reps

Lachlan Price, Wade Bellamy and Ben Makin were selected to represent the Lower North Coast Zone PSSA in 2009. Congratulations to these students on their selection.... Read more

MP3 players and hearing loss

When someone like Angry Anderson, former front man of rock band Rose Tattoo warns about young people inflicting hearing loss on themselves, you have to listen. The Connect Hearing ambassador and father said he was particularly concerned about young people and their use of MP3 players (such as an iPod), especially when they have them turned up too loud. "Look, I like loud music but that hasn't done me a lot of good over the years," he said. "Kids's hearing can't be repaired and mums and dads need to be aware of that. Loudness levels at a glance... Read more

Reconciliation Week

This year National Sorry Day kicks off our Reconciliation Week celebrations, giving us the opportunity to keep raising the awareness of Aboriginal history and culture. National Sorry Day - 26 May National Sorry Day is an opportunity for Australians to celebrate the monumental act of Acknowledgement and Apology by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that took place on 13 February 2008. More information and suggestions on how schools and families can get involved are available on the National Sorry Day Website. Reconciliation Week - 27 May - 3 June Each... Read more

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Education Tax Refund

You may be eligible to 50% back for your child's education expenses. The Federal government recently introduced the Education Tax Refund whereby parents can claim eligible education expenses for their child's primary and secondary education during the income year 1 July 2008 - 30 June 2009. You can claim an education tax refund of up to 50% of those expenses if any of the following apply: you received family tax benefit (FTB) Part A for your child a payment was made for your child that stopped you from receiving FTB Part A the child stopped... Read more

Parent ezines

Stay informed and get involved with two new online parent magazines, (ezines) especially for parents who have children at a public primary or high school. School parents has tips from parents and experts on all sorts of topics related to school and home life. Click is a technology guide for parents with all the latest information on technology how to make the most of it and how to protect children from dangerous elements. Both ezines have vodcasts, podcasts and feature articles. You can also add your comments, story ideas and feedback.... Read more


National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will participate in the NAPLAN assessment from 12 May - 14 May 2009. This program will assess the literacy and numeracy learning of students in all Australian schools. The results of the tests will provide important information to schools about what each student can do and will be used to support teaching and learning programs. Parents will receive a report indicating their child's level of achievement. Each student's level of achievement will be reported... Read more

Taking medication to school

A reminder for any students that need to take medication at school Throughout the school year, it's important to remember the process involved if your child needs to take medication at school. When a medical practitioner has prescribed medication that must be administered during the school day, parents are responsible for: bringing this need to the attention of the school ensuring that the information is updated if it changes supplying the medication and any 'consumables' necessary for its administration in a timely way collaborating with the... Read more

Staying safe online

Get off to a safe start to 2009 by reminding your child some important online safety rules. Keep computers in a common family room - not in bedrooms! Remind your child to keep information such as their name, address, phone number, school and even your credit card number to themselves. When signing up to a chat room, they should use a screen name that is a nickname and not easy to work out. The same goes for choosing passwords - don't make them easy to figure out. If your child is going to put photos on the Internet, ensure they don't show... Read more

Update your details at school

All parents are reminded to let the school office know if any of your contact details have changed. This includes: Your daytime telephone number Your home/mailing address Your family situation It is very important to keep these details up to date in case of emergency. Please contact the school office immediately if you need to advise of any changes.... Read more