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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

Two of our new Kindergarten boys.

Welcome to all our returning students and to our new enrolments for 2010.  I trust that everyone enjoyed their family time together over the vacation period, but I am sure that our children are ready for more challenges at school and that their parents are more than ready to see that happen.  Again, I must express my pleasure at seeing our children so well turned out, resplendent in their uniforms and obviously happy to be back at school.  We are all looking forward to another successful year of learning and growing together. 

We have had some new student enrolments this year, but with a large Year 6 leaving last year, we have had to adjust our class formation to eight classes instead of nine.  

Our new Kindergarten students arrived this Monday and have settled in extremely well.  Well done to their parents and our teachers for the excellent groundwork done in preparing the children for the beginning of their formal education.  Thank you also to the senior students who have taken on the role of buddies for these children, ensuring that they are always well supported and comfortable at this important time.