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Last updated 11:12 AM on 21 February 2012

To continue to provide wonderful up to date programs and opportunities for our students, Laurieton Public School will be applying to be a part of the Priority Schools Program.  During the week of 5-9 March we will be asking parents to fill in a brief survey as part of our application.The purpose of the Priority Schools Program (PSP) is to improve the literacy and numeracy achievements of engagement in learning of students from low socio-economic status backgrounds. 

The survey is confidential.  The results are not shared with anyone.  The collation of the survey is carried out by an external agency.  This agency is not associated with the DEC. 

The survey measures the parents occupations, education qualifications, Proportion of sole parents in the school community, employment levels of the families and the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the school community. It is important that families do not overstate their current circumstances to ensure that schools are in the best situation receive the support needed.

We are aiming for a 100% return rate of these surveys.  We appreciate your support with this.


If you have any questions in regards to the survey please feel free to ask. 


Further information

Fiona Smith

Community Liaison Officer

Ph 0419 209166