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Last updated 10:40 AM on 9 October 2011

Well done to everyone involved in our end of term Whole School Assembly on Friday 24th September.  It was a great end to term three. 

 In particular, well done to the Responsibility and Respect Medallion winners, pictured here. 

Back Row: Ella Smith, Chaz Wiegold, Iain Olander, Tiana Moore, Lily Howard, Tahlia Wiegold.

Front Row: Declan McGregor, Clinton Robertson, Sam Cramer.

 Also thanks go to the beautiful 1S flower people who sang so sweetly and the very scary 1/2W characters.

 Our choir demonstrated the fabulous improvement they've gained over the course of the year, with a combination of choral beauty and vocal fun.  3/4K showed us all how much can be learned about the human body and I'm sure they'll all remember the various body systems for the rest of their lives!   


More photos in the Albums section of this web site.