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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

The following information comes from Michael Coutts-Trotter, the Director-General of the NSW Dept of Education and Training.  It has implications for any parents or students who may be travelling to Victoria or overseas.

 The actions to contain the spread of the Human Swine Flu Virus in NSW, including targeted exclusion from school, have been effective to date.  According to NSW Health there are 70 confirmed cases of human influenza in NSW, and still no confirmed cases of community transmission.

 This is not the case in Victoria. Despite the best efforts of all involved, there is widespread community transmission of the virus in Melbourne with the number of confirmed cases increasing rapidly.  It is due to the changing situation in Victoria that NSW Health late yesterday announced that from today, children and school staff who have travelled to greater metropolitan Melbourne will be required to stay away from school for seven days after their return to NSW.

 This is the same policy that we have had in place for overseas travellers returning from countries affected by human swine influenza.

 This exclusion from school will allow time for any illness related to that travel to develop, and for prompt assessment and treatment to commence. If the person remains well after seven days they can return to school.

 To summarise the above statements from the Department of Education and Training, and NSW


• If your child is travelling overseas to Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan and Panama, you will need to keep your child excluded from school for 7 days after your return.

• If your child travels to metropolitan Melbourne, you will need to keep your child excluded from school for 7 days after your return.

 Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  If you require further information, please make contact with the school.

David Willard


4 June 2009