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Last updated 2:50 PM on 4 November 2016
Stage 2 happy as pigs in mud 
Kissed by a dolphin 

Experts say that a clean child isn't learning.  Stage 2 certainly learnt plenty on their overnight stay to Coffs Harbour!

This year Stage 2 journeyed to Coffs Harbour for their overnight excursion.  This camp was the first time away from home for many, and all students displayed excellent behaviour, made new friends, tired new things and created new memories with their peers. 

Over the two days, students went to the National Maritime Science Centre, kissed dolphins and viewed and learnt more about butterflies at the Butterfly House.  They also got very dirty and muddy on the Commando course at the Coffs Harbour Adventure Centre.

Stage 2 constantly impressed Mr T, Miss Field and Miss Dampney with their caring and encouraging nature and excellent behaviour.  Thank you Stage 2 for a wonderful camp.  You made Laurieton Public School proud.

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