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Last updated 11:10 AM on 31 March 2017
Stage 3 Netball teams playing each other 
On the sideline 

Participation in netball is at an all time high at Laurieton Public School!

On Wednesday, 33 students from Laurieton Public School attended the Netball NSW Schools Cup gala day in Port Macquarie. This year we entered two Stage 3 teams and one Stage 2 team. It was an extremely busy day, with each team playing five games with a 30 minute rest in between. All students displayed excellent sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance throughout the day, with each student learning more about the game in every match. All teams experienced victory throughout the day. Our children demonstrated excellent behaviour, were encouraging to their teammates and tried their best in every game. I was extremely proud.

The day was a fantastic success and I would like to thank all parents who provided transport to the team. In addition, I would like to thank Aime Bird, Kaylee Collier, Rochelle Smyth, Rebecca Hartog and Lynn Sparenburg for their amazing help managing the teams on the day! 

Miss Field

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