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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

The LPS Maths Olympiad team.

Well done also to our Mathematics Olympiad team, which yesterday competed at Opal Cove in Coffs Harbour against the best teams from the region.  While our team did not win the regional title, they did present themselves very competitively and were well in the running throughout the day.  The team chose the environmental threat to panda bears as their topic, which was to be based on endangered species.  A variety of maths related tasks were assigned in relation to this theme.

 Mr Sherrard, who accompanied the children throughout this day of competition, received many comments on the quality of the children's presentation, particularly how well they all spoke and demonstrated their familiarity with the mathematical concepts that they described.  There is no doubt that these children have gained tremendously from this experience and we are very proud of the effort they have put in and the standard at which they have performed.

 The Maths Olympiad team that represented us this week consisted of Kate Simpson, Erin Moss, Jordan Potts, Samantha Kirkwood, Jacarna Miller and Thomas Gammon.  Mrs Ballesty was the driving force behind the team's preparation and Mr Sherrard supported them at each of the presentation days.