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Last updated 10:40 AM on 9 October 2011

On Thursday 23rd September at 6.30 pm the Laurieton Public School Contemporary Dance Ensemble competed in the annual Port Macquarie Dance Eisteddfod schools' evening.  

The group performed the routine, titled ‘Bring Me To Life' and danced beautifully. 



The dancers included, Jacarna Miller, Beth Wheeler, Rachel Campbell, Kadesha McGregor, Lily Howard, Jesseka Potts, Kate Simpson, Tahlia Wiegold, Meghan Gill, Melissa Davis, Jazzy Miles, Tiana Moore and Erin Trompet.

 The adjudicator commented that the group showed a lot of potential and danced a clever retinue to an interesting song.

 Congratulations to the ensemble for achieving a score of 88% and winning a highly commended award.

 A big thank you to Miss Leisa for her commitment to the group this year.

 Well done girls!

 Miss Annette Zappia

Dance Coordinator