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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

On Sunday, 8th November 2009, Lindsay Kaul, David Jackson and Tim Olander attended a music camp at Camp Elim, Forster.

After we arrived, signed in, got cool badges and said good-bye to our families, we were allocated sleeping quarters. The boys in our cabin were Dylan, Adam, Josh, David S, Kristian and us.

We then got free time. We could Walk & Talk, Play Basketball or learn about each other. We chose Walk & Talk. We then enjoyed our first camp meal. It was chicken in sauce on rice. It was very tasteful.

At 6:00 am, they woke us up to get ready for a beach walk. We walked at 7 Mile Beach although we only walked 400m. Tim and Lindsay ran away from the waves, only getting a tiny bit wet.

When we got back, we cleaned our cabins and had breakfast. The massed choir rehearsal took place next and we had our grouped tutorials. (e.g. flutes, oboe, violin, recorder; brass and percussion).  We then had lunch and then went back to tutorials, to lead onto a massed band practice. We then had free time until dinner. We had chicken schnitzel. We listened to the Great Lakes Band and it was interesting!

On the 3rd day, we did basically everything which we did the previous day again. The boys in our cabin were doing wrong things and being mean to us so we asked Astrid (camp mum) if we could move.  She said yes and we spent the night in a spare room in her luxury cabin. We got a decent sleep that night.

On the final day, we didn't go for a beach walk; we did basically the same thing AGAIN. In the afternoon though, we had a FULL concert rehearsal.  We had dinner at 4:30pm and then waited for our families to arrive. We got changed into cool new shirts and got the concert started at 6:00pm. The Massed Choir started with ‘Sing to the Heavens Above', ‘True Friends', ‘Dance and Celebrate' and ‘Why We Sing'.  The Massed Band preformed ‘Hawaii Five-0'. We then did our group tutorial performances. The band ended with ‘Laredo' and ‘Tequila'.

We said our goodbyes and thankyous and went home.

We enjoyed it thoroughly (says who) and can't wait until next year (says who).


By Lindsay Kaul, 4/5S

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