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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

Lindsay Kaul, member of the NSW State Wind Band

Earlier this term, Lindsay Kaul participated in the State Wind Band Program for 2010. This State program involves students from every region in New South Wales. Following an intensive two-day workshop in Sydney, Lindsay performed in the DET State Instrumental Festival in the Opera House on two successive nights.

The Junior Ensemble (Years 5 – 8) rehearsed on Monday 31 May and Tuesday 1 June and performed on 2 and 3 June 2010.  During this week, Lindsay benefited from the experience and professional learning provided by Stephen Williams, the coordinator of the State Music programs. All the students involved received an exciting and valuable musical experience and the privilege of performing on the Concert Hall Stage in the Opera House.

Lindsay has been a part of the Laurieton Public School band for the last three years. He has shown great skilll and dedication to learning music, specialising on the oboe but showing ability on other instruments as well.