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Last updated 2:22 PM on 23 September 2016
Children jumping 
Skipping with a hoop 

Jumping For Joy to Support a Great Cause - Laurieton Public School community has every reason to be very proud of our students. 

All students from Kindergarten through to Year Six combined together to complete 8 high energy activities to raise money for the Heart Foundation in their recent Jump Rope for Heart Day.

It was quite a sight to behold to look around the school grounds and see so much activity taking place.  The students had the opportunity to skip with long ropes, multiple ropes, partners and hoops. They also took part in skipping relays, sack races, endurance skipping, helicopter games and freestyle skipping with music.  The student's behaviour and sportsmanship were both outstanding. It was fantastic to see all stages of our school working together during this event.

Family and community members who sponsored our students definitely got their money's worth that day. Fundraising online was a huge success with the total exceeding $6350.  Thank you to our students and community for supporting this worthwhile project.