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Last updated 12:49 PM on 24 March 2017
Harmony Day - Fiji 

LPS celebrated the Harmony Day with a passport in hand experiencing many different cultures and countries.  Here are some of our students reports about the day.

What I really loved about Harmony Day was visiting Mexico and Ireland. They were both really fun countries and I learnt a lot about the different cultures. I also enjoyed all of the rib tickling activities. In Ireland we played quoits and coin toss. In Mexico we danced the Mexican hat dance. We also played a fun dancing game in Fiji and we dressed in sarongs and we had to do a dance to the woven placemats. It was awesome. We went to eight different countries and I liked them all but I loved Mexico and Ireland the best! Jenaye Hinder


What I really loved about Harmony Day was the fun activities and learning we did in all the countries. I even learnt the 50 states in the U.S.A. My favourite country was Fiji. Fiji was my favourite because of it being a tropical place full of beautiful coral reefs. The crystal clear blue water and the beautiful fish that swim there are amazing. What I also loved about Fiji was their culture as I loved the singing and dancing. The resorts there were amazing too.  Ashleigh Smyth


What I really loved about Harmony Day was when we got to do a Polish dance in Mrs Price's class. Mrs Price played a song and we had to walk to our partners and clap their hands and walk back. After that each row had to turn a different way and walk forward with their right hand up in the air shaking and there left on their hip. Then we turned to our partners again and put our hands in the middle of our squares and ran around in circles and stopped when we get back to our partners. After that we linked arms with our partners and ran in circles. Then we did it all over again. It was so much fun!  Maximus Goodear

To view photos of the day go to our gallery section on this site.


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