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Last updated 1:13 PM on 30 May 2014
Aussie Bush Camp

So.....what did they really get up to for the week away from their parents and school?   Below are excerpts from Ana Wadwell's recount of the camp.  For the full story go to our school newsletter.

When we arrived at The Great Aussie Bush Camp I was so excited to see what we were going to be doing first.  We met our instructors, their names were Aaron, Nicky and Gerard.  My instructor was Aaron.  He showed us around the camp before we got into our activities.

First we did indoor rock climbing which was fun.  Then we did fencing.  At first I had no idea what fencing was.  We had to put on a helmet and a protective jacket before we got our foil.  We had some competitions against each other then we had aftenoon tea.

Lost Island - we had to crawl and walkd through mud.  It was fun but also horrible and cold.  Straight to the hot showers after that!

Orienteering - We had to use a compass to find our way around the bush.  If you used it correctly it lead you to the markers which you had to write down to crack a secret code.

High Ropes Course - It was really, really fun! We finished early so we were able to have a go on a smaill flying fox.  Archery was also fun.

Raft Building - We had logs, some floating tubes and rope.  We had to try and build a raft, get it to the other side of the water, get out and run around the red phone box then get all the way back.

Dolphin Cruise - We saw lots of dolphins and it was really fun.

Talent Quest - The groups who performed were very very good and I enjoued watching them all.  After the talent quest it was hot chocolate and cookies then bed.

Sand Dunes - We had a race to the top.  We explored for a while before heading to Jimmy's Beach where we swam and played some games. 

Canoeing - It required a lot of team work to get the canoe moving the way you wanted it to go. 

Disco - We played some games and danced hard.


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