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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011
Joy Fisher finishes her career on 10th Feb 2010

Today was Miss Joy Fisher's last day as a permanently employed member of the NSW Teaching Service.  Joy has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an employee of the NSW Department of Education and Training.  She has taught hundreds of children of all ages in the primary level, with most of her recent years being with the youngest children at our school.

 She will be remembered fondly by many students for her no-nonsense but caring approach, her famous morning reading groups with lots of parent helpers, the pencils in her hair, the rings on her fingers and the paper rectangles around her neck.  Miss Fisher's room was always a wonderland of imagination and adventure, with pirates, fairies, witches, animals and dress-up clothes a-plenty. 

Miss Fisher will be remembered by staff and community for her endless efforts in support of so many in various parts of Africa, the many tonnes of books and other resources which she so generously shipped to Africa at her own expense and the many months that she dedicated to helping people and guiding friends and colleagues around the Africa that she knew so well. 

 Now that she no longer has to apply for leave, no doubt she will be free to continue this valuable work for many years to come.

 I am sure that we will still see Miss Fisher around our school from time to time, as she will be available to teach at our school and other schools in a casual capacity.  But for the moment, may we all take the chance to congratulate her for the many wonderful

contributions she has made to Australian children throughout her teaching career. 

 Thank you Joy and best wishes for the future.  We are sad to see you go!