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Last updated 3:44 PM on 27 July 2012

This week (Monday 30 July - Friday 3 August) is Public Education week.  We will be celebrating this event with an Open Day on Wednesday 1st August.  Our open day involves the following:

  • Education Week Assembly 12-1pm.  Our band, choir, dance group and Stage 3 CHAFFS percussion group will perform as well as other class items.  Academic competition awards will also be presented.
  • Sausage Sizzle - A free sausage sandwich will be available to all school children - this is provided by our P&C.  Extra sausages are available for $1.
  • Open Classrooms - Parents are invited to visit their children's classrooms to see where they work and what they are studying.
  • Book Fair - this will be running all day.  Mr Timmins will be available in the library for book viewing and sales.  Please see our separate news item. 

On Thursday 2nd August, our Stage 3 Percussion Group will be travelling to the Glasshouse Theatre in Port Macquarie to perform in a special concert celebrating the offical opening of Education Week. Four of our school band members will also be performing in the Camden Haven Community of Schools Band at this concert.

Stage 3 Percussion Group.