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Last updated 10:40 AM on 9 October 2011

Laurieton Public School had its annual Easter Hat Parade on Thursday 7th April.  Even though it was well before Easter, it was clear that everyone was in the right spirit, as we've never had such a great turn out of hats on display! 

A large crowd was on hand to see the first Easter Hat Parade in our new hall and it was fun for all, with great imagination and millinery skill being clearly on display.   

Well done to all the kids and families who got into the spirit and made it a really successful community event.
The winners of the prizes for best hats are listed below.



Reuben Gammon

Chaz Wiegold

Brodie Burnham

Billy Howard

Robbie Wells

Lacey Morgan

Rinoa Haskew

Brennah Aumua

Jaivan Brown



Meghan Gill

James Campbell

Will Hazell

Caitlyn Austin

Lilly Thomas

Harmony Watton-Conard

Ebony Aumua

Rebecca Hazell

Sam Davis



Tahlia Wiegold

Hayden Smith

Hope Devine

Kingsley Brown

Cooper Abbott-Whatson

Dylan Doney

M'Kenzie Moores Griffin

Lachlan Eames

Thomas Gammon