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Last updated 2:56 PM on 27 February 2015

crunch and sip

Why Crunch and Sip?

Fact: Australian kids aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables for good health!

Results of government research on primary school aged children has found that,

on any given day:

Three out of five do not eat enough vegetables

Two out of five do not eat enough fruit

Nearly half do not meet their daily fluid requirements

This year Laurieton Public School is striving to have all children in our school participating in regular daily Crunch&Sip sessions.

The benefits of this program are fabulous!

The Crunch&Sip program is an easy way to help kids stay healthy and happy!


Crunch&Sip is a set break to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the

classroom. Students re-fuel with fruit or vegetables during the morning or afternoon,

assisting physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.

This gives kids a chance to refuel, a bit like putting petrol in a car.

Each day we need students to bring fruit or salad vegetables to school to eat during

the break and a small clear bottle of water for the classroom to drink throughout the

day to prevent dehydration.

Whilst this is not a new initiative we are excited to have our whole school involved this

year as this will enable us to be an officially registered school in the Crunch&Sip program.


What can I send?

• A handful of grapes
• Chopped apple
• Orange wedges
• Kiwifruit, peeled and chopped
• A few strawberries with the tops removed
• Watermelon chunks
• Rockmelon balls
• Blueberries
• Chopped pear with a squeeze of lemon juice over it
• Honeydew melon wedges
• Lady finger bananas
• Cucumber slices
• Cherry tomatoes
• Capsicum strips
• Zucchini strips
• Carrot sticks
• Celery sticks
• Blanched broccoli or cauliflower