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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

We are really very proud of the wonderful performances on display last night at the 4th annual Camden Haven Arts Festival for Schools concert at Camden Haven High School.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to see and hear the wonderful talent available from schools within this Camden Haven Community of Schools.  Both Mr Noel McManus, School Education Director for the Manning Camden Haven area and Mrs Margaret Hutchinson, relieving principal of Camden Haven High School, expressed delight at the level of talent moving through the primary schools towards the high school.    

LPS students performed well in CHAFFS

I was, of course, especially proud of our children and teachers' contributions to this concert.  Our junior and senior band members showed the obvious benefit of their attendance at the recent band camp, as well as the ongoing enthusiastic leadership of Mr Pole, with some outstanding musical presentations. 

 We continue to promote choral poetry within the community of schools, with Stage Two doing a great job last night with their two poetry recitals.  Well done Stage Two and Mrs Casimir! 

 Our choir did a great job as part of the combined mass choir and we could clearly see the benefit of the children's choral poetry training coming out; as our children's focus and concentration on Mrs Bruggemann, the choir conductor, was noticeably very strong throughout.  Thank you to students and parents for presenting so well in full uniform – you looked very striking as part of that combined group. Thanks go to Mrs Ballesty and Mrs Casimir for ensuring that our choir was prepared so well. 

 Both of our dance groups were excellent!  It is clear that high quality has been expected of our students and they proved last night that they can certainly rise to that challenge.  Thank you to Mrs Leisa Kightley-Cook, Miss Zappia and Mrs Casimir for their wonderful contributions to this success.

 In addition to our own school items, we were treated to a wide variety of performance from all the CHCOS schools.  Congratulations to all students, parents, and teachers involved – the result of your efforts was a truly memorable concert and another great experience for our children!

David Willard