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Last updated 10:45 AM on 31 March 2017
Jayden - World records 
Maddie - Cats vs Dogs 

The level of public speaking at LPS is growing stronger and our recent competition was the perfect stage for it.

On Wednesday the Public Speaking Competition finals were held in our school hall. Well done to all the Stage 2 and 3 finalists. Parents, students and teachers were entertained by the variety of topics and the confidence all students demonstrated whilst presenting their speeches. A big thank you goes to our two adjudicators Pauline Morrah and Jodie Mulhearn from Camden Haven High School. Their job was not an easy one. Congratulations to our two winners, Madeline Strong from Stage 2 with her speech ‘Cats v Dogs' and Jayden Lucas from Stage 3 with her speech ‘World Records'. 

Mrs Kemp

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