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Last updated 10:40 AM on 9 October 2011

A truly memorable Book Week celebration took place last Wednesday and it was obvious all and sundry had a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was lovely to see so many children dressing up as their favourite book character and likewise the staff.  No I wasn't a hobo, homeless guy, shrek, ogre, hulk or any character from Lord of the Rings: I was Robinson Crusoe (very obvious I thought).

Congratulations to all the entrants in the competitions for having a go and well done to those who were judged winners.

Our Book Fair has been extremely successful with over $2700 in sales. This equates to approximately $900 worth of books to be placed on our library shelves this year. This is an unbelievable effort considering our fair is usually attached to the Education Week Open Day which is probably the biggest day in regard to parent attendance at the school. So thank you so much for digging deep to support your child and his/her school Library.

I would also like to thank all the families who donated books to the Library. We shall place a label inside the book recognising this contribution.



Colouring In :  Winner                                 Highly Commended

KP       Lahni  Cramer             Clinton Robertson & Jonathon Hudswell

KC      Issy Moir                     Emily Huang & Callum Grace

1S        Rinoa Haskew             Caitlyn Austin, Jordan Miller & Sam Cramer

1/2W   Abigail Gammon         Holly Williams, Lacey Morgan & Jessa Thew

2Z        Amber Currie              Abi French & Krystal Clarke

3/4C    Emma Austin              Ainsley Johnson, Katie Musgrave & Kiara Green

3/4K    Reuben Moss              Shyann Miller, Zohe Eames & Jazzy Miles

5/6B    Rachel Campbell         Lily Howard & Blake Clarke

5/6S     Aaron Rumble             Sarah Crumpton  & Tahlia Wiegold


Bridge Construction :Winner                                                          Book Character Parade : Winner

KP       Sophie Stuart –King & Cooper Abbott-Whatson                   Cooper Abbott-Whatson - Pinochio

KC      Will McCoubrie & Dylan Sheehy                                           Callum Grace – Titanic Captain

1S        Marli Parker & Jacob Worton                                                 Alyssa Eames  - White Rabbit

1/2W   Cassie Wheeler & Talia Brown                                               Abigail Gammon – Nutsy the Koala

2Z        Kyle Scarff & Jordan Wells                                                    Brendan Griffith – Indianna Jones

3/4C    Alice Flanagan & Iain Olander                                               Maddie Newman- Roman "Crusader"

3/4K    Lachlan Eames & Melissa Davis                                             Mekayla Newell- Squirt the Turtle

5/6B    Aaron Rumble & Jayden Lawrence                                        Lily Howard – Narnia  "White Witch"

5/6S     Lochie Swan & Lily Howard                                                 Sam Davis- Fox in Socks


Finally a special big THANK YOU to the following people who collectively donated $350 worth of books to the Library

Cayley Gammell, Maddy Symons, Indy Symons, Beth Wheeler, Ella & Georgia Smith, Cooper Abbott-Whatson, Holly Williams, Maddie & Joel Newman, Will McCoubrie, Lindsay Kaul, Mitchell Kirkwood, Talia Brown, Lahni & Sam Cramer, Patrick Maxwell, Trent Clarke, Brooke Williams, Clarke Family, Ben Makin, Abigail French and Bob and Maureen Marsh (Grandparents)


 The Library Guy

Grant Timmins