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Last updated 10:39 AM on 9 October 2011

Students racing to qualify for house relay teams.

Today's athletic carnival (8th July) has been postponed because of today's weather forecast. Overnight rain has made the field wet on the surface and today's weather forecast, combined with current radar images, led to a decision to postpone oour athletics carnival yet again.

While this is inconvenient for all concerned, this decision has been made in the interests of the safety and welfare  of our students. There is not adequate cover at the athletics field in the event of rain, so we have decided not to risk having 200 cold and wet children stranded at the fields today.

Newsletter on Thursday

If the weather forecast turns out to be wrong, there is the possibility of going ahead with the carnival this Friday 10th July.  More information about this will be in the school newsletter, which has been rescheduled to come home on Thursday this week.