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Last updated 10:29 AM on 18 March 2016
Artist Visit 
Sarah Parker - Artist 

The Historical Society and The Camden Head Pilot Station are working with Stage 3 students to relive the important history of the Camden Haven.  This history will be on display as part of the launch of Heritage Week in the Port Macquarie Hastings Council area  at 10:00 am on Saturday 16 April, 10 am at the Camden Head Pilot Station.

On Monday, artist Sarah Parker visited our school to work on producing nautical flags replicating the original flags from the Camden Head Pilot Station.  The original flags are the last complete set from any Pilot Station in Australia. Usually held in the Maritime Museum of Port Macquarie, they have been on loan to the Camden Haven Historical Society especially for the students to utilise in their educational experience.  

Sarah was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the students who now realise how important the Signal Flags and Code to naval operations were. Each student drew and painted a flag on canvas. Before the advent of radios, flags and pennants were used to communicate at sea. Each letter and number was represented by a colourful flag. 

The message could be seen and read across long distances. Certain combinations of two flags had specific meanings, which were the same in many languages, and could be understood by sailors from different nations. The Pilot at the Camden Head Pilot Station utilised this system of communication to assist ships to navigate the treacherous bar at the mouth of the Camden Haven Inlet.  

The flags the students painted will adorn various locations in Laurieton promoting the launch of Heritage Week. A trip to the Pilot Station and Historical Society is being organised for Stage 3 students as part of this project. 

Mrs Maree  Kemp