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Last updated 11:36 PM on 14 February 2012

Anti-bullying Plan

Our school's anti-bullying plan underwent a major review in 2011.  Within a guiding framework provided by the Department of Education and Communities, a school based committee representing the teachers and parents, worked together to develop this plan which includes a description of the school's policy and procedures with regard to the school's non-tolerance of bullying in all its forms. 


This policy is now available on our school's web site under School Policies.  Printed copies may be obtained on request from our front office. 


My sincere thanks go to the following people who gave their time and ideas in contributing to the completion of this current review of the plan:  Karen Brown, Lynne Castelijn, Natasha French, Bernadette Gammon, Leeanne Price, Fiona Smith, Sara Viale and Nikki Watton.


David Willard


February 2012